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About Mixed

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A colorful pop-up bar inspired by the most creative mixology minds in San Francisco.

A collaboration of 10 veteran minds mixing 10 unique and vibrant cocktails — alongside bold flavored foods, artist installations, playful decor, and curated events.

Cocktails & Mixologists

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The Karl

Joy Kennedy

egg white, frisco brandy, revel avila blanco, citrus

Royal Treatment

Davin Affrunti

frisco, honey syrup, meyer lemon, lavender bitters, cucumber

...The Sweeter The Juice

Aaron Bollwinkel

revel avila blanco, rhum, leopold's mountain blackberry lime ginger gum, honey


Darren Crawford

pisco, vodka, benedictine, amaro nonino, citrus, strawberry-szechuan syrup, egg whites, peychaud's bitters

My favorite crayon

Ashleigh Plasterer

revel blanco, ancho reyes, carpano bianco, lemon, agave, watermelon, sugar, salt

The Blue Rose

Rachel Gaudy

avila, aperol, cocchi americano, geranium, lemon

Dragon Fantasy

Brandon Blackmon

dragon fruit infused agave, dry vermouth, cocchi americano, citric acid

Heart Attack & Vine

David Curiel

leopold american small batch whiskey, lemon, blackberry liqueur, bittes, gum syrup

Spring forward

Dylan Peters

gin aperol, benedictine, lemon


Kyle "Aaron" Sears

mezcal, honey, lemon, yellow chartreuse, chili, bitters (spicy)

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